Thursday, October 30, 2014

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.
Allen Klein

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

The preschoolers are still talking about how much fun they had riding the bus, playing at the park, and watching CURIOUS GEORGE! All the preschoolers were very well behaved and everyone had an enjoyable day! This week Miss Schacht taught the preschoolers about space! On Monday, they traveled to the moon. Tuesday, they learned about the sun, and Wednesday they learned about the planets. Since the preschoolers aren't here on Friday, they wore their Halloween costumes to school on Thursday for their party!

Only 7 More Fridays until Christmas!!!

The Kindergarten spent time this week learning numbers 6-10! It is fun to write our numbers using shaving cream. They also learned all about the letter Nn and how to correctly write it! We had fun getting ready for Halloween making jack-o-lantern cookies and scarecrows. The highlight of the week of course was Halloween. Parading our costumes around in the gym and fun and games during our party. Also, forgot to put in last week that we had a special day celebrating Jacob's birthday! Happy safe and fun Trick-or-Treating!

We are learning interesting facts about the sun. We went outside and saw the reflection of the sun by poking a hole in a breadboard box. We saw the sun spots. In Social Studies, we have learned the four cardinal directions. We drew a map of our classroom. In Math the first graders are using a ten frame to add numbers. They are learning how to write a paragraph in Language.
The 2nd graders are going batty in second grade learning about bats! Did you know that bats use their sense of hearing to find their food. They send out high pitch chirps and create an echo, that bounces off their prey and comes right back to them. They listen for the sound waves and know exactly where their prey is! Ask any second grader and they will tell you all about echolocation! 2nd graders are becoming fantastic writers as they continue to write paragraphs starting with a hook! Their goal is to grab the readers attention and pull them into their writing! Students have been writing about favorite holidays, fishing trips, favorite food, four-wheeling, and much more! In math, we have been practicing counting back change to $1.00. What a great week of learning!!


The 3rd graders continue to understand multiplication better and enjoyed using Cheerios to construct arrays to show their knowledge. They have learned 2's, 5's, 10's and 9's so far along with the shortcuts and "tricks" to help them become quicker with their facts. They used shaving cream to practice their cursive letters and it felt smooth as silk. So far, they know 11 upper case cursive letters and are practicing their lower case letters also. In their Weekly Reader, they learned about spiders and did main ideas and details in a web. They also enjoyed "No Shoes" in the room as a reward for being Vocabulary Super Heroes. It wasn't even smelly! They are anxiously awaiting the Halloween Parade and the party afterwards. Happy Halloween from the Third Graders!

*The 4th graders are continuing to work hard in math as they practice their multiplication by 2-digits. They understand the steps, but they are discovering that there are many places to make careless errors as they work through each problem. *In Nebraska history, they finished up their chapter on Native Americans with a test. Even though there were many ideas to remember and memorize, their test scores were outstanding! 10 students even got an A! Their next chapter studies explorers, traders, and missionaries. *In science, the 4th graders have enjoyed learning about the plates that make up the Earth's crust and part of the mantle. They were amazed to learn about and watch videos of how the Earth's surface can change quickly during earthquakes and volcanoes. They were thankful that they lived in an area that isn't known for earthquakes and volcanoes. *In language arts, they studied a new part of speech--pronouns! They realized how often they use pronouns without even doing it on purpose! They have also been focusing on capitalization rules. Mrs. Metschke is REALLY looking at their independent work in all subjects to make sure they are USING these rules! :)
Youth BB Season is about to get underway! Letters and waviers were sent home on Monday. Note the deadline to return the waviers – November 6th if you want to play in games!! Also looking for parent volunteers to help out!

Mark your calendar for our next reading event – DONUTS WITH DADS – Nov. 18th 7:45-8:30

Our Pre-School enjoying their Halloween Party!!

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