Monday, September 29, 2014


A HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone showing their SCHOOL SPIRIT this week!!
Also, we will be CELEBRATING our NeSA Scores Friday, October 17th @ 2:30. We are in need of parent volunteers to help, send treats, provide prizes or loan us games!

Student Spotlight –

Student Spotlight

The Preschoolers had a very fun week dressing up for homecoming! They are ready to cheer on the cyclones! On Wednesdaymorning, EVERY preschooler attended the Muffins with Mom reading event! Thank you all for participating and showing your preschooler how fun reading can be! The preschoolers would like to send out a big Thank You to Mrs. Mlnarik for organizing such a fun event!
 Monday - Jorden & Molly
Tuesday - Luke & Damien
 Wednesday - John & Millie
Thursday - Lane & Ellie

Hope you grabbed some of the handouts at the Title Table during Parent/Teacher Conferences! Every little tip can help!

Youth Volleyball Practices are:
Saturday, Sept 27th @ O’Neill – Tournament
3/4th Graders – be there by 1:00
5/6th Graders – be there by 7:30
Kindergarten finished up with patterns and will start working with number 0-5! We made rainbows and rainbow treats and learned to write letter Rr. We continue to work and play at school and explore all the new places and things school has to offer. This Friday, we are excited about meeting the new kindergarten students from Orchard!
Dress up winners are:
Monday – Sadie and Abby
Tuesday: Jacob and Abby
Wednesday: Ayden and Breckyn
Thursday: Kaylee and Abryelle

The 1st Graders want to wish a Happy 7th Birthday to Ethan on September 30. The First Grade class has studied about the Constitution and did very well on the Assessment . We are learning to tell what part of a sentence names the who and what and what's happening. In Math students are learning the numbers to make the sum of 8.
Dress Up Winners Are:
Monday : Cadence and Emma
Tuesday: Trey and Emerson
Wednesday: Shaylee and Kinzie Thursday: Irelyn and Haley


Even with all the school spirit that was evident in the 3rd grade classroom this week, they still had a lot of learning take place. They thought all the dress up days were awesome, but overall decided Disney Day was the bomb. They continued working with map skills in Social Studies. Figurative language was the talk of the classroom as they learned more about similes, metaphors and onomonopeia. Math involved adding and rounding numbers. Keep up the hard work, 3rd graders!
Winners in the 3rd Grade room for this week are:
Monday: Julie and Aislynn
Tuesday: Ammy and Adyson
Wednesday: Chase and Daley
Thursday: Gage and Jesse

In 2nd grade we are learning about what makes a good citizen. We made a "good citizen" trail mix and put in the ingredients of a good citizen. They include a dash of kindness, a cup of respectfulness, a pinch of honesty, a teaspoon of courage, and a tablespoon of responsibility. We then did a carousel activity. Different scenarios were written on several pieces of chart paper around the classroom. The 2nd graders went around the classroom to each scenario and wrote down how they would handle each scenario as a good citizen. They came up with several great ideas about what good citizens can and should do. These scenarios are hanging outside of our classroom so come check them out! The 2nd graders are also loving the app called "Spelling City." On "Spelling City" they are able to practice their spelling words through fun, interactive games. The 2nd graders were also very excited it was homecoming week. Our poster theme for the homecoming parade is "The Cyclones are Incredible!" (based on "The Incredibles" the movie)
2nd Grade Winners are: Monday winners – Lenora and Keaton
Tuesday - Isaak and Addisyn
Wednesday winners – Matt and Carter
Thursday Winners - Ava , Addy , and

The 4th graders have had a great time participating in the homecoming dress-up days. They have been very responsible and respectful about wearing fun and creative outfits! 4th grader winners: Monday (Ugly Sweater): Faith and Harper Tuesday (Togo): Karolina and Kendrick Wednesday (Disney): Bryna and Emily Thursday (Twin Day): Kellen, Alex and Joe *In Language Arts, the 4th graders have been working on writing friendly letters telling that they were the 1st kids in space! They had a great time imagining what they would see and experience. This was the first piece of writing this year that they wrote a rough draft, proofread and edited, and then wrote a final draft. There are a lot of steps for improving our writing! *In science, photosynthesis is an idea that was focused on. They learned how plants need water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, and nutrients from the soil to make their own sugar & give off oxygen. The 4th graders are getting ready for their Chapter 3 test next Thursday!! *In Nebraska history, they have been learning about the natural resources in our state. Did you know that Nebraska is divided into 2 main regions?-- the Till Plains and the Great Plains (where we live!)! They discovered some similarities and differences in those regions. The 4th graders are preparing for the test over Chapter 3 next Wednesday!! *In math, the 4th graders just finished a chapter on division meanings and facts. 75% of the class gotan A or a B on the test!! Keep up the great work!

Muffins with Moms

Friday, September 26, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday morning we had Muffins with Moms!  Students and Moms (some stand ins - thanks grandmas) were all treated to Muffins and juice/coffee.  What a great way to start the day.  Eating with some of our favorite people and getting to show them how well we can read.  Lots of door prizes were given away and fun was had by all!  Thanks so much for coming in.  We LOVED it!  We had over 110 kids and moms/grandmas!!

 Tuesday - Elementary showing their School Spirit wearing Toga's

Wednesday - Disney Day!!  What a great showing with almost all of our Elementary wearing Disney outfits!!

2nd Grade tips on how to be a good citizen!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday - Ugly Sweater Day - We had a lot of School Spirit in our Elementary!!

Our Preschoolers - Awesome Toga Outfits!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Check out our Preschoolers!!  Even the youngest are in the Homecoming Spirit!!  Way to go Preschool!!

Friday, September 19, 2014


Just a reminder that Muffins
with Moms is Wednesday,
September 24th from 7:50-8:30. A
big thanks to those who got your
forms back early. It really helps
when ordering and making sure we
have enough for everyone!!

Student Spotlight –


Student Spotlight

The preschoolers enjoyed the warmer
weather and getting to play outside this week!
While inside, they learned the letters H, I, &
J. They like singing letter songs and hearing
letter stories, but they LOVE playing letter
games on the Smart Board!

Try these Math Websites!!
Fun 4 the Brain
PBS Kids Math Games
Math Playground
Arcademic Skill Builders

Youth Volleyball Practices are:
Saturday, Sept. 20th @ Clearwater 9:00-10:30
Saturday, Sept 27th @ O’Neill - Tournament

Kindergarteners - Patterns, patterns and
more patterns! Color, shapes and sizes has
also been the focus for this week in
kindergarten. Finding, making and labeling
patterns. E! E! What begins with E? Eagles,
and eggs and yummy Elmo cookies! Ask a
kindergarten what starts with E! We are also
learning that science is the study of earth,
people, sky, plants and animals! What fun it
is to be in kindergarten!

The First Graders are learning about
animal environments in Science class.
They are studying why animals live in a
forest, on a prairie, in a desert and in
the wetlands. Seven was the target
number this week in Math. The children
have done activities to help learn the
combination for the sum of 7.

The 2nd Graders started our first social studies unit this week over communities.
We learned that a community is any place where people live, work, and have
fun together. We compared and contrasted rural, suburban, and urban
communities. In math, we are learning subtraction strategies that will help us to
be really quick at our basic subtraction facts!! The second graders are rockin
paragraph writing!! They really know how to write a topic, detail, and closing
sentence! Come check out the writing journal sometime. Happy birthday
shoutout to Ethan, he celebrates his birthday on September 20!!

Reminder that Homecoming it
next week!
* Homecoming Dress up Days
Monday = Ugly Sweater
Tuesday = Toga (School dress
code applies)
Wednesday = Disney Day
Thursday = Twin Day
Friday = Cyclone Day (School
The OC School Board with the
help of donations will be feeding
the students Friday in Orchard
before the Homecoming
12:40 – Parade (start from the school)(Elementary line up in front of the
school facing west and the High School will line up to the side of the
school facing south) There is absolutely no water balloons or squirt guns.
1:00 – 2014 Homecoming Coronation at the Orchard Gym
1:30 – Announce dress up winners (Elementary, JH, and High School)
1:50 – Skits
2:00 - Kids Games
2:20 - Dodge Ball Tournament (timed games)
3:15 - Load Buses

The 3rd graders got to learn about
the Bill of Rights when they
celebrated Constitution Day. They
watched School House Rock on the
Constitution- an oldie but a goodie!
They even caught Mrs. Neumann
singing along.
They are learning how to round
numbers to the nearest 10 and 100
in math. Everyone found out that
once you remember the steps, it's
not so tricky.
They are anxiously awaiting to
enjoy the last half of their field trip on
Thursday since the weather didn't
cooperate last week. Kreycik's Elk
and Buffalo Ranch will be on the

The 4th graders have had a BUSY week!
*Three days this week, the 4th graders completed MAP
testing in the areas of math, English, and science.
(Reading was tested last week.)
*On Thursday, they were able to enjoy the 2nd half of their
field trip. Last week they were able to enjoy visiting the
Trout Hatchery near Royal and Ashfall Fossil Beds.
However, the weather didn't permit them to go to the
Kreycik Elk & Buffalo Ranch. So they were happy to finish
their field trip this week by riding in a covered wagon on
the ranch to visit the buffalo and elk! They even got to
feed the buffalo!
*The 4th graders were happy to enjoy their "class award"
this week of getting an extra recess. It's nice to enjoy the
nice weather while we still have it!
*In science, they made a garden of flowers to help learn
the following parts: petals, sepals, pistil, anthers, stamen,
and pollen. They also learned about pollination and
*With Constitution Day on Sept. 17, we celebrated by
reading a book about the Preamble to the Constitution,
along with another activity.
*The 4th graders received their first reading logs for the
year, in which they will be expected to log 100 minutes of
reading each week. We have a new bulletin board in the
room to help us keep track of the AR books that they are
reading. They were excited to learn that after they pass
10 AR quizzes, Mrs. Metschke will buy them a book from
Scholastic! Let's get busy READING!! :)

The 3/4th graders were able to take half of their Field Trip last Friday to Ash Falls and to Kreycik’s on Thursday. They shared a picture with us from the Dino Barn, a covered wagon ride and feeding the buffalo. Looks like you had a GREAT TIME!


4th Graders enjoying the day and learning about Constitution Day!

Cute Preschool hands!!