Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Cyclone Chatter wishes everyone a safe and fun filled yet relaxing Labor Day Weekend!! There seems to have been a little controversy as to who suggested the First Labor Day. If you find Mrs. Mlnarik before school on Tuesday with the 2 names, Mrs. Mlnarik will give you a treat!!
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The Preschool Cyclones have been very busy learning all the routines and rules that there are at school. They are enjoying playing in centers and learning their friends' names. Each preschooler is doing a super job learning the letters in their name. Next they will begin the "Letter-A-Day" theme where they will be introduced and learn about a new letter each day!

Parent Reading Tips:
The secret weapon for school success –
Lack of sleep is a national epidemic for today’s children, and the consequences are serious! Sleep deprivation can affect cognitive skills and academic achievement. A continuing lack of sleep is linked to serious health problems including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression. Children ages 5-12 need 10-11 hours of sleep according to the National Sleep Foundations. Make sleep a top priority!!

DIBEL Scores overall very pretty awesome!
Please visit with your classroom teacher at P/T conferences to see how your son/daughter did and find out some strategies that you can do at home to help your son/daughter better themselves!! Kindergarteners have been busy using IPADS. They are scanning barcodes that give them a sound and they have to find the picture that goes with that sound – it’s pretty awesome!! They are also working on position words and writing their name correctly using the correct strokes!!

1st Grade, Shaylie is having a Birthday September 1st. Happy Birthday!! They are busy studying the 4 needs of Animals in Science. If Social Studies, they are busy working on their Citizenship unit for school and community rules!!

The 2nd Graders have been really busy using Technology in their classroom! They have been using IPADS, reviewed for a Science Test using KAHOOT (clicker system which they loved), and have been listening to lots of audio books on More info on that next week!

The 3rd Graders will be having some special visitors this week! The High School Science Class is coming in and they are using the Scientific Method to conduct experiments! They ask a question, form a hypothesis, plan and conduct and experiment, make an observation, collect data and will then compile information into a graph to form a conclusion!

The 4th graders would like to welcome Ms. Schacht to their room. Ms. Schacht is Student Teaching this semester in the 4th grade room and the Preschool room! She is from Orchard and is super excited to be here working with the 4th grade class! The 4th graders also took their first Math Test over Place Value. 92% of the class scored an A or B and 3 of them had a perfect score – and 92% of them also had an A or B on their Nebraska History Test. Rock on 4th Graders!! Sounds as if they are REALLY busy kiddos!!
Make sure to check out our hallways at school! Displays Student work will be displayed throughout the year!!

Reminder that there is NO SCHOOL on Monday!! Also, Volleyball and Football games start this week so get out and support the CYCLONES!!

Students – if you have News Worthy News that you would like to add to the Cyclone Chatter, plead your case with Mrs. Mlnarik and if you bring her treats, it just might get in – just kidding!! Bring your idea to her and we’ll make a decision together!!

Check out the Administration ALS Ice Bucket Challenge-
Now Check out the OC (Clearwater Site) Elementary Teachers Ice Bucket Challenge!

Cyclone Administrators doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome to the first Cyclone Chatter!! What an awesome name – A BIG THANKS goes out to Faith for submitting the winning Title. Also, a big thanks to the rest of the kids for your nominations! Next weeks will be jam packed with news!

We will start the Student Spotlight next Week. We do have a small problem though. We are still missing quite a few fact sheets about our students. Some of them were sent home and some were done in class. Students – if you have not turned your into Mrs. Mlnarik, please do so. That way you have an opportunity to be a Spotlight Student!! Mrs. Mlnarik is also still missing some School Blog/Weekly Newsletter Permission forms. If you want your picture or name printed, Mrs. Mlnarik needs to have your parents sign off! Along with that, please make sure your School-Parents Compact sheets have been signed and sent back to school!
September is Leukemia/Lymphoma Awareness Month and the Cyclone VB Teams has decided to sell T-Shirts to help raise money for these Foundations! Order forms for T-Shirts have been sent home with your son/daughter. Every T-Shirt sold, the VB Team will send in $2 to the Foundations. They are also asking that if you buy a shirt to wear it to the Volleyball Games Sept. 8th – 12th!! If you have lost your form, please find a VB Player, Mrs. Mlnarik or stop in the office and they will get you another one! Please consider helping fight these horrible diseases!

Posts have been added to the Clearwater Elementary Site Blog! Mrs. Mlnarik is very new to this and is learning as she goes! She can’t wait to start adding all the awesome things that are happening in our school!! Make sure you let your grandparents know where to find the Blog also!!
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Parent Reading Tips:
**Don’t leave home without it!
Bring along a book or
magazine and time your child
has to wait, such as doctor’s
office. Always try to fit in
**Talk, talk, talk!
Talk with your child every day
about School and things going
on around the house! Sprinkle
some interesting words into
the conversation, and build on
words you’ve talked about in
the past

All K-4 were very busy this week
taking their DIBELS Tests.
Intervention groups with be set
and next week for 15 minutes
every day 4-5 times a week, all
students will take part. Some will
be working on higher level skills
and some will be working on skills
that help with fluency! It will be
tailored to meet the needs of all

Kindergarteners have been really busy this
week learning a “new” routine!! They made
a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree! Happy
Birthday to Sadie .!! Hope it was a great day
– you deserve it!

1st Grade are learning to quietly
walk from room to room and
classroom rules. They are also
getting back in to the Reading
Mastery Goove! Happy Birthday to
Bennet on Sunday! Hope you have
a great party! A special WELCOME
to Izick !! We are so happy to have
you in our School!!

The 2nd Graders have been working on getting to know each other and
incorporating a compare/contrast people chart. They are hanging in the
hallway and look awesome – Great Job!

The 3rd Graders reported that DIBELS, Lunch and Math were their favorite parts this week. They were also pretty excited to report that they are still losing teeth!!

The 4th graders started out Spelling in Reading Mastery with a BANG!! On individual turns, every single 4th grader spelled their word out loud correctly the first time!! This is HUGE because this is the first class to every do it with 100% accuracy on the first day of 4th Grade!!

Make sure to check out our hallways at school! Displays of Student work will be displayed throughout the year!!

Reminder that pictures will be taken Thursday, August 28th. Come with you best smile!!

Students – if you have News Worthy News that you would like to add to the Cyclone Chatter, plead your case with Mrs. Mlnarik and if you bring her treats, it just might get in – just kidding!! Bring your idea to her and we’ll make a decision together!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This summer I had a little girl ask me when we were going to DIBEL again!  I told her we would DIBEL when school starts in August.  A couple months later at the Clearwater Fireman's BBQ I was visiting with this little girl again and told her we get to start this week with the DIBELS test this week.  Her reply, "Oh good, I just LOVE DIBELS"!  Love that kid;)   So here we are, our fisrt full week of the 2014-2015 school year and we are going to give all PreK-4th grade the DIBELS TESTS!  If you aren't sure what they are, please ask at P/T Conferences coming up.  At the end of the school year last year, our kids rocked it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Whoop Whoop!!!  1st Day of School:)  We are so excited and we just can't hide it.....

Keep checking back for exciting things happening at COPS - Clearwater Elementary Site!!